December 2016

The Fairfax County NAACP

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December 2016 Edition

Message from the President
Congratulations to our newly elected officers and many thanks to those who have served and supported me for the past two years.
It has been an honor and pleasure to have served as your President for the past four years.  We have many accomplishments and improvements on how we operated, but there is still a lot that needs to be done.  I am confident, with the new leadership, the branch will continue to move forward.  We have a long and rocky four years ahead and we must be prepared and continue to fight for justice for everyone.  One of our upfront advocacy initiatives remains the Renaming of J.E.B. Stuart High School.  We must remain solid on our position and hold those who can make this change accountable.  This is about doing what is right, and correcting a wrong.
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