Fairfax County FY 2021 Proposed Budget

What happened?  Last week, the County Executive presented his proposed FY2021 budget to the board.

Where can I get more information?  An overview of the proposed budget is  here  and additional materials that explain the budget are  here . You can also read my statement on the proposal  here .

Where is some of the money going?

  • Fairfax County Public Schools make up 52.6% of the General Fund Budget.
  • We are building a fund specifically to preserve and promote the County’s stock of affordable housing.
  • Public libraries will be able to expand their hours.
  • Police will receive funds to expand the body-worn cameras program.
  • The County’s general and uniformed employees will have an increase in pay.
  • See a percentage break down of the priorities being funding here.

How can I share my opinion of this budget?  There are a number of occasions to make your voice heard. Last week, district offices began holding community meetings where you can bring concerns directly to your Supervisor. A list of the remaining meetings are below.

Anything else?  On Feb. 28, the Board met with the School Board to go over our shared priorities on the budget. Members had the opportunity to ask questions and learn in depth how education funding is allocated in both the County’s and FCPS’s proposed budgets.

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