Greetings members, supporters and friends,
I have received several messages related to Virginia State NAACP’s event this Thursday, which is sponsored by Dominion Energy. Although I’m attending the state conference to represent the branch, I will not be participating in the event with Dominion Energy. And, during the conference, I will make it abundantly clear that the organization should not be partnering with Dominion Energy. I have already expressed my discontent and opposition to such an event to our area representative who serves on the executive committee at Virginia State Conference (NAACP).

Climate change presents one of the greatest (if not the greatest) threat to my generation and the generations to follow. People of color will feel the impacts of the environmental recklessness earlier and disproportionately. For these reasons and many others, we must unequivocally oppose what Dominion is doing at Union Hill and make our message on climate justice heard.

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