The Fairfax County NAACP Executive Committee consists of elected officers, at large members and appointed committee chairs dedicated to social justice and eliminating disparities that affect communities of color in Fairfax County.

Current Executive Committee Members


Karen Campblin

Michelle Leete
First Vice President

Niki Zimmerman
Second Vice President

Dr. Sujatha Hampton
Third Vice President

Teresa Little

Arona Kessler
Assistant Secretary

At-Large Member

Andrew Twigg

Committee Chairs:

Naveed Shah
Armed Services and Veterans Affairs

Luke Levasseur and Carrie Brown
Criminal Justice

Niki Zimmerman
Economic Development

Dr. Sujatha Hampton

Lydia Lawrence
Environmental and Climate Justice

Michelle Leete
Freedom Fund (Fundraising)

Abi Baxendale

Mary Paden
Fair and Affordable Housing

Mike Woltz
Legal Redress

Diana Rhodes

Karen Campblin
Political Action

Rev. Lynda Alicudo
Religious and Community Coordination

Marlon Dubuisson
Young Adult

Tara Charity
Youth Council

Evelyn Spain and Mattie Palmore
Women in NAACP (WIN)