Bylaws, Procedures and Documents

Unit Bylaws

Each unit (branch) is guided by National Bylaws. Please read and become familiar with these bylaws.

NAACP Unit Bylaws

Election Procedures

Elections for unit (branch) officers and committees are guided by the NAACP Manual on Branch Election Procedures.

NAACP Branch Election Procedures

Legal Redress

The function of the Legal Redress Committee is to:

  • Analyze and investigate cases reported to it;
  • Supervise all litigation in which the branch is interested, and;
  • Keep the national office and the conference informed on the progress of every case. The Legal Redress Committee shall not give legal advice.

The Legal Redress Committee does not provide “legal” advice, and does not provide referrals.

A donation of $30 is requested to help offset the cost of investigation your case. We can only continue assisting with complaints,  if we have the financial resources.  Complaints from members will take priority over complaints from non-members.

Please note, if your complaint occurred outside of Fairfax County, you will need to contact the chapter in which it occurred. We will not be able to assist you.