It’s an election year for Fairfax County NAACP.

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of officer and at-large member candidates for 2023-24:

  • President – Michelle Leete
  • 1st Vice President – Niki Zimmerman
  • 2nd Vice President – Sujatha Hampton
  • 3rd Vice President – Karen Campblin
  • Secretary – Michael O’Brien
  • Assistant Secretary – Evelyn Spain
  • Treasurer – Erica Scott
  • Assistant Treasurer – Monique Norwood
  • Member at Large – Donald Craig
  • Member at Large – Meredyth Havasy
  • Member at Large – Jenny Igoe
  • Member at Large – Rachel Luckenbaugh
  • Member at Large – Mary Paden
  • Member at Large – Mike Woltz

Branch elections will be held on Thursday, December 1 using an online voting platform. Ballots will be emailed by 12:00 pm. The ballot will close at 8 pm.

Please note: Only members in good standing are eligible to vote. (For the purpose of voting in Branch elections, good standing is a member 30 days prior to the election.)

For more information or to confirm your membership status, contact the Branch Secretary at